It arrives in 1 minute down to 100m in a bedrock elevator. And you can see the great basin of a waterfall.

And then, the water of Chuzenji lake fell from the huge rock face and the Kegon waterfall was born.

15000 years ago, the lava which flowed out by the eruption of Mt. Nantai dammed up the river and Chuzenji lake was made.

What you should see is the most famous waterfall in Japan "kegon-no-taki falls".
You can see many world heritage near the waterfall.

Nikko National park locates in the middle of Japan, you easily access from Tokyo.

Nikko National park is one of 29 national parks in Japan.

The refreshing breeze around a waterfall with an altitude of 1274m makes forget the heat of midsummer.

You can see "Iwatsubame" ( local rock swallow ) which flies inside of skillful fresh green and an exciting waterfall.

Kegon Waterfall in the snow scene is wonderful, too.

Mt.Nantai and Lake Chuzenji

High 97m

Lake Chuzeji

*Changes by seaon and weathr.

You can see brightness of a beautiful rainbow with the huge icicle countless in the morning

Autumnal leaves became best time to see and around the waterfall also became the most beautiful season.

Lake Yunoko and Yumoto Spa

Senjogahara Plateau

Ryuzu Falls

*Kindergatener is free.

*Child is elemenetully school student onry

*Adult is more than junior high school student.


















Group (more then 30 people)

Business hours

Elevator fare for round trip

which cleared up with this sufficient season.

Winter(Snow scene)

Autumn(‚b‚‚Œ‚•‚’‚…‚„ leaves)

Summer (‚b‚‚‚Œ@feeling)

Spring (‚e‚’‚…‚“‚ˆ@green)

About Kegon Waterfall‚“